4.2.2 Build 4.2 Changelog

Hey Slim Users!

Ok guys time to release build 4.2. People that are on build 4 should be able to dirty flash build for 4.2 and gapps but everyone on older builds we recommend full wipe.  Remember that this build is mainly to fix the language problems we had on Build 4 so not many changes made, however changelog is as follows.


Changes and Features

  • Update to JDQ39E
  • Added Music Playback Control Tile
  • Added Developer option for MediaScanner Behavior Control on Boot
  • Added TextArea size to Mms
  • Enhanced Auto-Brightness UI
  • Updated PlayStore to v4.0.26



  • Fixed Translation issues [Spanish/Italian/Polish/Chinese/French]
  • Fixed SlimSizer FC
  • Fixed BlackList button behavior
  • Fixed NavBar menu hidden on softkey devices
  • Fixed SlimIRC bugs
  • Fixed DashClock extension icons hidden when minimized
  • Fixed PIN entry disabled by some apps
  • Device specific
    • mako: Added focus modes to camera, seems to fixed flash (Possibly?)
    • nozomi: Reduce lowest brightness level
    • d2: Fixed video playback reboot


Known Issues

  • Possible 'Unknown' Alarm tone [After-effect of updated tones!]
  • Auto-Brightness Help menu opens some derped screen
  • Bootloop in spanish and french when setting display  battery to always on lockscreen- Flash fix if   available in device download page



  • Mako: If camera flash still doesn't work use photosphere