We proudly present the multinational, international SlimTeam to you...

The nickname is corresponding to their names in the xda-developers forum.


Arvind Raman (krarvind)

Arvind is the creator of SlimRoms, heavily involved in development of all devices.

 Adresse: Canada     Contact

Cordell (cordell12)

The Device Maintainer for Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 CDMA.

Adresse: USA     Contact
Lars Greiss (kufikugel)

The man behind TheRealDarkSlim, SlimPie, SlimRecents, our main developer.

Adresse: Germany     Contact
Manfred Hofbauer (tortureduck)

Manfred is currently responsible for hosting the website, infrastructure systems, and looking for some time to do serious development.

Adresse: Austria     Contact
Muhammed Nazim (mnazim)

Device Maintainer for SGS GT-I9000, SGSII GT-I9100G and SGN N7100. Also maintains Gerrit and gapps, aio, addons etc. along with kufikugel.

Adresse: India Contact
Griffin Millender (gmillz)

Always around for a quick contribution.


Adresse: USA
Andreas Zweili (Nebucatnetzer)

The Device Maintainer for Galaxy Nexus GSM and
responsible for our forum. 

Adresse: Switzerland     Contact

Josue Rivera (prbassplayer)

The Device Maintainer for Samsung Galaxy  Note II LTE, AT&T Note II and Tmobile Note II,  Nexus 4,Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra  as well as low end website.

Adresse: Puerto Rico     Contact
Tarak Chaari (tchaari)

The Device Maintainer for Nexus S and 4G.

Adresse: Tunisia     Contact
Jared Yates(HardCorePawn)

Device Maintainer for Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 

Adresse: New Zealand     Contact
blk_jack (blk_jack)

The Device Maintainer for Galaxy S3 (d2att/d2tmo) and Galaxy S4 (i337/m919)

Adresse: Canada Contact
Nicholas Flintham (Flinny)

Device Maintainer for our HTC ONE supported devices

Adresse: UK     Contact
Jonathan Kagan (darkspadez)

ForumMaster, Device Maintainer for our supported Motorola devices.

Adresse: USA Contact
Omar Einea (OmarEinea)

Device Maintainer togari, honami & amami

Adresse: USA
Arun Manohar (a2441918)

Device Maintainer for I9500

Adresse: India
Shawn Teoh (Ryuinferno)

Device Maintainer i9100g

Adresse: Australia
Demetris Ierokipides (Demetris)

Device Maintainer P880 Optimus x4HD/Acclaim/Gpad8

Adresse: Cyprus
Andreas Bläsius (Android-Andi)

Device Maintainer Galaxy Tab 2 Family

Adresse: Germany
Steven Holman (scuba156)

Device Maintainer for i9300 and Sushis personal hero

Adresse: Australia
Tej Karani (tejkkarani)

Device Maintainer for Galaxy Note 8" (kona family)

Adresse: India
Nick Lovell (nicklovell23)
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Device Maintainer for d2lte,jflte,i925

Adresse: USA
Andrew Cardinal (arcardinal)

Device Maintainer for geeeeeb

Adresse: USA
Stuart Waller (KnightWolf)

Forum Moderator

Adresse: Canada
Daniel Koman (dankoman)

TRDS and Graphical contributor

Adresse: USA
Xiao-Long Chen


Adresse: USA
Rawad Zahreddine (rirozizo)

IRC support

Adresse: Lebanon
Ahmed Nabeel (Ahmed Nabeel)

Forum support

Adresse: Egypt
Karan Srivastava (rebelos)

The Device Maintainer for Xperia Z

Adresse: India
Sergey Karsakov (gwindlord)

Helps out wherever he can and takes care of the russian translations.

Adresse: Belarus
Anthony King (cybojenix)

IRC-boss and general helper


Adresse: UK
Mark Pryor (mark26)

Helps out wherever he can, Slims typo-hunter.

Adresse: UK
Susanne Schlensog (SushiR)

Forum Moderator, general Queen and graphical stuff 

Adresse: Germany
Per Lycke (pemell)

Social media general manager

Adresse: Sweden
Mark Rodriguez (kroz)

Themer god and graphical artist

Adresse: Philippines
Kit Tihonovich (Jubakuba)

Feature developer and fixer of things.

Adresse: USA
 Tylog (Tylog)

"Tylog" Samsung Galaxy*/ Nexus expert...
XDA Manager 

Adresse: Germany

Dimitris Mantzouranis (dexter93)

Device maintainer for Galaxy Note II ( N7100) Nexus 7 ( grouper and tilapia). Always around messing with stuff

Adresse: Greece