SlimRoms Features

Unique SlimRoms Features


The real dark Slim

Invert the whole ROM including Gapps with one click.

Slim Recents

A complete replacement of the AOSP recents screen to allow better multitasking, along with marking favourite apps.


Based on CM's PIE, inspired by PA's PIE with a light touch of Slim. A true community feature.


Slim dialer

 A full replacement of the official Google closed source dialer with added features.

Privacy guard

 Disable unnecessary permissions set by app developers.

Shake Events

 Shake your device to launch apps or secure it on lockscreen.

Notification reminder 

 An easy way to quickly set short reminders to show on the notification drawer.

Notification drawer and and lockscreen shortcuts

Access your most important apps from everywhere.


Custom Quick Settings Tiles

Why just settings? Use whatever you want.



Discover our unique Camera feature......two of them we show here