Slim Zombie?

Hey folks,

it’s been a while… A long while... We feel it’s time to shed light on what happened, what is happening, and what will be happening with Slim.

First things first. We are not dead. Well, technically we were... but we’re back. So I guess we’re #SlimZombie now ;)

Where did you go?????

Technically, we didn't go anywhere. We've been working hard behind the scenes, we just haven't been posting much, be it updates on what was going on, or builds (which was delegated to our device maintainers as a temporary measure).

Our issues began when one of our team left quite suddenly. Back in the day, we were really small, so everything was paid through one individual. As we expanded, we didn't think anything of it. When this person left, we realised how much responsibility and power this meant, since we had just lost control of all our servers, as well as all the funding for them.

So we decided to become a legal entity, so that we weren't reliant on an individual, and so that an individual was not being affected by paying however much we pay per month out of their personal bank account.

We want to make this clear, we have no intention of making money out of this. Anything that we do, we do it to make the community a better place.

Since we had a few members from Germany in the core team back then, we decided to become an e.V, or eingetragener Verein (registered association). This was going well, until our beloved lead, Kufikugel, had to step away suddenly due to personal reasons.

We won’t go into details here, since it touches on personal matters of several of our team members. Our servers ended up getting shut down for a week due to the e.V process taking longer than expected. This is one of the reasons why we said not to use the old site anymore. The end result was, we were locked out of all the current systems.

As it is with life, by making mistakes you have the potential to learn. We made plenty of mistakes, and we have learned a lot. Thank you to those who have helped us through this rough time.

So what’s happening now?

SlimRoms is now a registered LTD in the UK. You can find the legal documents hereThis does not mean we are abandoning the community, nor do we care about making money. Any surplus money will go towards making the experience for the community better, be it funding device maintainers, better servers, or even giveaways. Who knows, the potential for helping the community is limitless.

We have five directors, and six shareholders, all are at the heart of the team. These people will make the final decisions for Slim. However, we will always listen to and respect the voice of the community, as well as the rest of the team.

Our old Gerrit will be taken down, and our new Gerrit will be moved over to that server, as it is better suited to managing the monstrosity that Google has made. Everything important has already been migrated to the new Gerrit.

The old site will remain open until the new site is finished. Since we don’t have any dedicated front end web developers on the team, help here will be much appreciated.

The forum will be taken down as soon as possible, and there are no plans to bring it back. We recommend people to stick with XDA. We have our own area there.

As for the files, one of our infrastructure devs have been through all of them. We deem them safe to download again however Because of their age, they are susceptible to some known exploits in Android, so we recommend you get the latest version from your device maintainer until the new official builds go up. As a result, the old downloads will not be added to the new download system.

When will builds be going up?

Sorry, but it’s gonna be a #Soon.

We are aiming for as soon as possible. Our developers are working hard to get everything perfect, as we will only have time to do one stable build before M hits. Even if we miss it, there will be a stable build for SlimLP, so don’t worry.

New features are also in the works, though we have no prediction for when they might be done.

What are your aims?

We give great pleasure in saying that Slim will be one of the teams taking part in the project that Bitsyko recently spoke about. The aim is to pool our resources together, and bring up a common base for hardware that other roms can use to get a stable base.

We also have some, to say the least, interesting projects on the way to make life easier for our team. The plan is to open bits of our infrastructure up to the general community as well. What’s the use in writing your own technology if you’re just going to keep it to yourself? ;)