Weekly build 4.9 rolling out

All builds fine!

Hello All!

Jenkins just started for weekly 4.9. Mostly bugfixes.

Have fun and thanks for the support,

SlimRoms Team

General notes:
  • If you want to clean flash. Just follow the usual clean flash instructions here
  • Dirty flashers do the following: Format system manually....flash SlimKat build, flash new gapps and boot up.
  • Photosphere addon package was dropped now. The new google camera is available over the PlayStore as replacement and can be installed as second camera without problems.


Mostly device-specific changes again this time, including a few jflte updates, M7, i9100, n7000, new kernel for smdk4412 and p3100 updates.

We've also updated our builds to allow for exFAT support.

Small changelog this week, but expect more fun to come in the upcoming weekly!