Weekly build 4.8 rolling out

Hello All!

Jenkins just started for weekly 4.8. Mostly bugfixes.

Have fun and thanks for the support,

SlimRoms Team

General notes:
  • If you want to clean flash. Just follow the usual clean flash instructions here
  • Dirty flashers do the following: Format system manually....flash SlimKat build, flash new gapps and boot up.
  • Photosphere addon package was dropped now. The new google camera is available over the PlayStore as replacement and can be installed as second camera without problems.


  • SystemUI: Fix Advanced Custom Tile location_mode [Jubakuba] - location mode for "advanced toggles" fix
  • Marquee text RTL improvements [Michael Lekman] - Marquee (scrolling) textviews will scroll the correct way depending on if your language reads from right to left.
  • Frameworks: IME cursor controll be consistent [Lars Greiss] - If cursor control is enabled in Advanced Keyboard settings via the volume buttons, the navbar arrows will disappear.
  • Framework: Minor shake to secure fixes [Jubakuba] - Faster launching of tasks and view camera roll while insecure and accessing camer via the widget
  • SystemUI: Custom Tile - add Global && Create Small API [Jubakuba] - Custom API added for tasker/llama users who want to catch their "advanced toggle" changes.
  • Frameworks: apple can do...we can do as well [Lars Greiss] - Speed up animations by default
  • Fix APN typo [Lars Greiss] - Among others commits, fixes for various networks connectivity issues
  • Camera2: Don't try to cancel focus messages when preview stops [Lars Greiss] - Prevent leak
  • SlimRecents: fix sometimes missing first task [Lars Greiss] - Always show task when pressing home/recents in quick succession