Google IO meets SlimBean - new gapps

Hey guys,

finally after 3 days of hard work we managed to update all new published apps and services from google which were introduced on the google IO 2013. Of course as usual all new apps support our "The Real Dark Slim" toggle.

As well we have a new download section called "Apps"...there you will find in future apps which are not in the normal addons but support our "The Real Dark Slim" toggle....which means you do not need to search an inverted version...just install this one and it magically turns into inverted mode. We put as well the PlayStore in this section for ppl who are flashing another gapps package then hours but need a multiDpi Store.


New gapps contain following updates:

  •  Newest Hangouts (replacement for google Talk!!)
  •  Newest Google Play Music
  •  PlayStore 4.1.6
  •  Newest Google Now
  •  New google play services
  •  updated to newest libs


New apps in download "Apps" section

  • Newest Google plus
  • PlayStore 4.1.6


thank and enjoy,

your SlimRoms Team