Weekly 5.5 (changelog) and new gapps

Hey guys,

new weekly is ready for download...called build.5.5

as well the first round of new google apps are integrated with TRDS function in our gapps. Updated apps are:

- PlayStore 4.1.6

- Newest GoogleNow

- VoiceDialer


Hangouts and Google Music will follow next days and is already on testing stage. If you want just to update your current installation with new gapps flash the upgrade packages. As well we prepare a Addons app download section next days to publish TRDS apps like Google+



+ Fix Tasker permission issues
+ enable battery LED on mako and tuna devices
+ ability to add settings button on notification drawer
+ tuna: updated lean kernel
+ Fix install SlimBean without gapps is now possible
+ Fix VoiceDialer
+ Mako: huge kernel updates see gitHub
+ qcom display updates (should fix HDMI + SLIMPORT)
+ xxhdpi optimizations
+ Optimized trigger detection SlimPie
+ Fix 'Emergency call' layering issue [was hidden under the slide]
+ Massive update to Notification lights module
+ Massive updates to recovery
+ Optimizations to SlimPIE
+ SGS2/Note2: mali driver updates
+ Fix NavBar recreate on theme apply
+ Add ISO Support to Camera
+ I9100G : Added fast charge support [tile/toggle]
+ Fixed home/qs button missing on flash without gapps
+ Fixed unicode stripping in Mms
+ Updated Nova
+ Added settings button to notification drawer
+ Fixed Unicode stripping
+ Fixed Voice Dialer
+ More PIE Size fixes
+ Kill Google+ on TRDS Toggle
+ Better recents loading
+ I9100G/N7100 : 3.0.78 Kernel + New recovery updates
+ Fix some stuff in Camera
+ Fixed WiFi AP [notification turn off] not restoring WiFi state
+ Added QS/Notification toggle [PIE/NavBar/NavRing/HW]
+ N7100 : Add TouchWake
+ Add Media Control to Sound settings [changes media vol instead of ring with vol keys]
+ Add Turn-off action to WiFi AP Notifications
+ Add UserAgent to Mms app
+ Fix Camera stretched image preview sometimes
+ Fix SlimFileManager share menu
+ Add FastCharge for all devices which support it
+ Fix some more navring stuff
+ Smaller ROM zip
+ N7100: More Camera blobs


Known Issues:

+ Camera Sound Disable (regression)