Gapps update

New gapps are available.


  • update several libs
  • native google camera support (no need to flash the compatibility fix nor the addons photosphere package anymore)
  • update GoogleTTS
  • include GoogleEars in AIO package again
  • revert back to stock GMSCore (Google play services) and let PlayStore handle the updates (HINT: if you updated the gapps and get a google services error just wait 2 minutes till the phone could pick the correct new updated version from the playstore automatically or will prompt you to do so (eg when you open a stock Google app))

  • Note: YouTube remains the same. If you want to keep TRDS do not update over PlayStore. Our YouTube update will follow on next weekly.

New google camera and compatibility

Google released two hours ago a new google camera app on PlayStore you can find here: GoogleCamera

Devices like hammerhead have the ability to use HDR+ which currently breaks on custom roms due of missing parts. We made a fast fix to have it working. So if you have a device where HDR+ shows up as option flash the below package and you are good to go. We will update our gapps with the included fix ASAP.

Google Camera compatibility fix

Thanks and have fun with the new google goody,

SlimRoms Team

Slimkat 4.1 for p3xx p5xx

.... there they are...

Finally all problems solved and SlimKat 4.1 is available for the Galaxy Tab 2 Family (P31XX and P51XX) after some days delay.

Some kernel changes were reverted to change a massive battery-drain

!!!Thanks to all tester for testing and the quick feedback!!!!

Device specific bugs P31XX

Screen-Off-Animation ignoring our hwrotation=270

Workaround: Settings --> Display --> CRT animation: "dont show" , the screen will now fade off, no issues there

Device specific bugs P51XX

On screen-off-animation the screen turns off, turns on again for some milliseconds, and turn off again - like a flash-light.

Important notice for d2lte and jflte users.

Attention all d2lte and jflte users. From now on the different versions of these devices are unified, and that means one build will work for all.

Previous Galaxy S3 (qcom): d2att, d2cri, d2mtr, d2spr, d2tmo, d2usc, d2vzw. Now: d2lte

Previous (qcom): jflteatt, jfltecan, jfltecri, jfltecsp, jfltespr, jfltetmo, jflteusc, jfltevzw, jfltexx. Now: jflte

Download section for d2lte:

Download section for jflte:

Credits goes to Dan Pasanen and Shareef Ali (both CM).

SlimKat 4.1 for d2 devices

There was a touchscreen issue on the d2 devices we fixed immediately, therefore a 4.1 was released for this devices.