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When are you/Are you going to add Halo? 22030
How to use the handsfree camera mode? 16890
What is true view? 22813
Second SMS get's converted to MMS! 13003
Slim in another language 11725
Where's the reboot to recovery in the power menu? 29375
How can I change the lockscreen handle back to stock? 22019
Can't keep IMEI even after restoring it 14346
Why do I have less memory free on my device? 63015
Log in 9375
[Pre 4.2.1]My spell checker does not work. 4627
[Pre 4.2.1]I get an error when downloading the update with UpdateMe 4755
GoogleNOW voicesearch FC?? 9398
Full package Addons or upgrade Addons? 19248
My Gmail app is Force Closing 10457
I have a random reboot. What can I do? 14210
I have a high battery drain with your Rom. What can I do? 42385
Play Store issues (2.7 Release) 18112
Backuptool 11094
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What partition layout you use SGS variants?!?! 6428
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[Pre 4.2.1]Do i have to reinstall slim gapps, and other addons 11546
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Where is Email/Exchange app? 17714
Where can I get stock launcher? 21349
How to change DPI 77370