SlimRoms: Yours and Ours

Hey guys,
Shortly before Google releases the next version of AOSP, code-named KitKat, we will be preparing Slim for the new release . 
Firstly, let me begin with the incredible awesome journey we have all gone through.
In December of 2011, a new, small ROM based on ICS named SlimRoms was created by Arvind Raman. He single-handedly maintained Slim for several devices with the main purpose of having a slim sized ROM with some extra, useful features. The ROM gained attention as many users liked Arvind's philosophy. The userbase grew quickly and he had put a team together that could maintain existing devices as well as implementing Slim for new devices. As time went on, SlimRoms got more attention from developers whom also wanted to support Slim. As a result, they joined the team with the purpose of creating a unique ROM in a professional development environment. All of this was done to give the team and, more importantly, the users an awesome product with great features, visions, and most importantly, stability. When JellyBean (4.1) rolled out, SlimRoms grew into a 14 member team, many testers, and a large userbase whom have supported us all the way. We were also able to setup our own infrastructure: website, build servers, Jenkins, gerrit code review, bugtracker, IRC channels, G+ community, Facebook community, Twitter, our new launched Slim Forum, crowdin translations, etc etc
Because of this, SlimRoms received a major overhaul and developed new features that can now be found on nearly every rom. Beginning with The real dark Slim to switch the whole system and apps into night mode, our own interpretation of PIE, called SlimPIE,  to make PIE useful for devices with hardware keys, PrivacyGuard Manager - which we developed for ourselves as well as CyanogenMod, Notification and QS shortcuts, QuickPeak, our own method to handle the navigation ring/bar. That is just some of them! We implemented all these features while also having the main purpose of being as stable as possible. According to our userbase, which is spread over all SlimBean versions and devices, we have managed to do a pretty good job and have became one of the major player roms beside CM, AOKP and PA. This is thanks to our users as well. Some of our ideas were not perfect, but our userbase helped us to obtain the best UX for our product. I would like to thank every single user for their awesome support. We really appreciate it and try to give it back to you as much as possible.
Never the less, the next steps will begin with KitKat. We are already preparing a lot of things to get our ideas in to practice and to implement features Android has not seen until today (small teaser...a completely new multitasking way) as well as to grow the SlimRoms ecosystem. Also, a major, MAJOR part for us is the ability to provide our work as open-source, so that the whole Android realm can take advantage of it or will want to work with us on it. To begin, we will soon open our public trees on gerrit code review to the public so that everyone can contribute and work together with us. That being said, we also have some other areas where we would like to change and grow with your help. We are currently looking for the following people who would like to support and work with us on the different projects.
What we are looking for:
  • Themer and Designer: We want to set up a theming team that can take care of theming gapps and apps, as well as providing Slim with one of a kind themes, wallpapers, boot animations, etc. If you have experience, we would be very happy to include you in our theming team. Currently, we are all working on it in our spare time, while also developing. We know that our users would be very happy that themes get more attention. That said, we would be happy for people whom would like to work on web design on our different platforms as well. 
  • Device Maintainers: More and more devices are being released from the various manufacturers, and it is hard to support them all. If you have a device we do not currently support, and you want to officially maintain it as well as keeping it up to date with our device trees, contact us and we will work with you to make this possible.
  • Developer: With our current visions in mind, we are looking for developers to join our team. This ranges from frameworks base feature developers to app (to help create original, distinctive Slim apps and replacing common apps with our own), kernel, and hardware tree developers as well. You will find a very professional developer environment which is, in my opinion, a great place to perform a hobby in a semi-professional way. We are not just looking for "awesome, polished" developers, novice developers are also welcome. After all, SlimRoms has always been about learning new things. 
  •  Power-User / Social Platforms: We are searching for people for our social media team who would like to officially help in our forums threads as well on various other social networks to support our userbase more then we currently do. 
Besides the mentioned environment, we offer a friendly team which has the main purpose of having fun, learning, and solving problems. If you are interested in working with us, can relate yourself with our philosophy, and want to join the SlimRoms team please contact either me, Lars (kufikugel) or Josue (prbassplayer) through our forum and let us know what you can and would like to offer, as well as what your current level of knowledge is with Android. Please, do not be afraid as we all started with less knowledge than we currently have now.  After you gain more insight from us, let us know if we offer a place you feel comfortable with.
Again, thank you to every single user, tester, and developer for your awesome, awesome support. Without all of you, SlimRoms would never be possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kufikugel (Lars)