SlimKat 5 - stable

Dear Slim Users,

we proudly present SlimKat 5 release!

Thanks to the great community, we just could not do it without you!


There are so many people involved, in the community that support us in many different ways, and taking care that Slim is growing and getting better. We really appreciate that!

There was a huge load of small changes, and a huge load of bugfix


Major key changes in SlimKat 5 are as follows:

  • Fixes to Slim Recents
  • Changes and fixes to Chamber of Secrets
  • General fixes across the rom


New Devices

  • HTC One M8 (Unified) Sorry guys next week.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (N5100, N5110, N5120)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ( SCH-I925) Sorry guys next week.

Unified devices

  • m7ul, m7att, and m7tmo are now m7. m7spr, m7vzn variants remain non-unified for the now.
  • jfltexx, jflteatt, jfltetmo, jfltespr, jfltevzn, jfltecan are now jflte
  • d2att, d2tmo, d2spr, d2vzn, d2usc, d2mtr are now d2lte

Devices that don't get stable will get weekly (which will start soon)

  • G2 family
  • Hlte
  • M8
  • N51xx family
  • i925
  • galaxysmtd
  • i9100g
  • v500
  • xt92x


  • For dirty flashers: Before you flash, you MUST wipe your system manually. Gapps has received major rework, and this way you ensure that nothing old will be left.
  • As usual read the changelog, install instructions and known issues below.


Thanks and have fun!

SlimRoms Team.


  • changelogs since stable SlimKat 4 release: 4.2 - 4.4 - 4.6 - 4.8 - 4.9
  • Updated Addons packages
Device specific
  • p31xx/p51xx: device and kernel updates/fixes
  • honami: device changes updates from cm
  • smdk4412: Updates and fixes upstream from cm
  • smdk4412: kernel fix cypress light control
  • crespo: fix search button custom binding


Known issues

  • General
    • Small bug with SlimRecents with hardware key devices


  • Device specific
    • p31xx: Existing graphical bug from last weekly
    • crespo: existing bugs from past weekly
    • rhine: camera driver fails to initialize sometimes, workaround in thread.