SlimKat 4 - stable

Dear Slim Users,

we proudly present our second stable SlimKat release. We would like to thank everyone involved with testing, improving and working with us these last few weeks to achieve the much anticipated SlimKat Stable 4.

Major key changes from SlimKat 3 are as follows:

  • Notification reminder: An easy way to quickly set short reminders to show on the notification drawer.
  • Slim Recents: A complete replacement of the AOSP recents screen to allow better multitasking, along with marking favourite apps.
  • Dialer: Introduced with SlimKat 3: forward lookup and reverse lookup of contacts. Sadly we needed to remove certain parts due to legal issues with the Google+ reverse lookup. An intelligent People lookup service has been added to replace this, along with several other enhancements.
  • Quiet Hours: Several tweaks and enhancements to make it more powerful than previous.
  • Lockscreen: Further color enhancements and options.
  • And of course tons of small changes, features, enhancements and fixes all over the firmware.

As well as the new features, we are proud to introduce 2 new devices, hlte (Galaxy Note 3) and falcon (Moto g). Moto g can be found in the weekly folder (in our opinion it is stable but we want to ensure stability across a wider range of devices rather than just our test devices )


  • For dirty flashers: Before you flash, you MUST wipe your system manually. Gapps has received major rework, and this way you ensure that nothing old will be left.
  • We highly recommend to flash the new gapps package!!!!
  • As usual read the changelog, install instructions and known issues below.
  • p3100, p3110, p5100, p5110 have delay and will be published as soon as possible.

Thanks and have fun!

SlimRoms Team.


- links to weekly releases -

  • changelogs since stable SlimKat 3 release: 3.2 - 3.4 - 3.6 - 3.8 - 3.10
  • Framework: Fix LTE tile
  • Framework: SlimPie: turn on HA on highEndGfx devices
  • Framework: Add Landscape layout for ECA
  • Framework: Add support for QC's time_daemon
  • Framework: SystemUI: Remove broadcast from QH toggles
  • Settings: QuierHours service: call with qualified user and introduce controller
  • Settings: Fix possible illegal argument exception
  • Camera2: if camera HAL does not return valid picture formats do not show wrong values.
  • Device specific: several fixes and upstream. See attached changelog on the device download
  • Gapps: Complete rework of the gapps package. Update to Google Music, Google YouTube, Google PlayStore TRDS

Known issues

  • General
    • LTE tile: on clean flash if the first toggle of LTE tile does not work go into settings->more->mobile networks and set one time the network mode to 3g. After this the LTE toggle will work always as expected
    • National data roaming: If you tick the option in settings all entries get visually disabled although they still work. Do not worry about it and just re-enter the screen again and it is corrected. As long as SlimKat supports your provider this works as intended.

  • Device specific
    • hammerhead: NOTE: We switched back for the torch to sysf interface due that it works better. Keep in mind that a third party kernel needs to add a patch to prevent that if you used the torch one time new photos on the camera get over exposured. We notified the kernel developers already about this change. Some kernel already changed it (eg. Bricked kernel). All other you can expect the change for the next kernel releases. If your kernel does not support it for now do not use the torch (or if you used reboot) when you want to make photos.
    • i9300, n7100, t0lte: Due to different used camera controller chips some devices can still get flaky camera. We tried to cover as many devices as we could.
    • crespo, i9000: if the phone rings the dialer is sometimes slow. This is simply due to the new KitKat dialer and the fact it is a low end device.
    • i9100, n7000: on extended music play it can suddenly happen that the playback stops.