SlimKat weekly 4.6

ATTENTION: Although it is written below....once again if you have a Google play services error follow this link HERE and read the red marked hint to resolve it.

Happy Easter to everyone!!!!!!!!

A good day to publish the next SlimKat weekly 4.6. Jenkins just started to build for all devices new builds. This week is a special week for some device. A lot changes device specific. See the notes below.

Included is a new feature for secure lockscreens. Shake to temporarily secure.

Have fun and thanks for the support,

SlimRoms Team

General notes:
  • If you want to clean flash. Just follow the usual clean flash instructions here
  • Dirty flashers do the following: Format system manually....flash SlimKat build, flash new gapps and boot up.
  • If you did not update the gapps which were published during the week the notes here are still valid
  • Photosphere addon package was dropped now. The new google camera is available over the PlayStore as replacement and can be installed as second camera without problems.

Device specific notes:
  • i9300 and t0lte got major camera driver changes. Initial tests seems to work well for us. We need now a wider test. So do a backup of the prior install, install the new build and let us know if it is working better then before
  • m7att, m7tmo and m7ul are unified now and for all this devices you just need to download the m7 build. m7spr and m7vzw will stay like it was.


  • Framework: Shake to Temporarily Secure && Fixes
  • Framework: SystemUI: Custom Tile - add Global && Create Small API
  • Framework: Revert "SystemUI: Remove broadcast from QH toggles"
  • Framework: Revert "Base: Check ProcessesReady before broadcast"
  • Framework: Revert "Insufficient ProcessRecord cleanup when persistent process is killed"
  • Framework: SlimRecents: fix sometimes missing first task
  • Frameworks: apple can do...we can do as well
  • Vendor: Add Hondura Tigo apn
  • Vendor: Fix APN typo
  • Vendor: apns: Add type default for Sprint.
  • Frameworks (caf): Make the default value of in-call noise suppression configurable.
  • Frameworks (caf): Call setDirtyRect to update dirty rectangle
  • Frameworks (caf): Display: Dirty region propagation
  • Frameworks (caf): Fix the value type of def_noise_suppression
  • Vendor LGE: Revert "hammerhead: change gps blobs"
  • Telephony: Implement SIM card management
  • Art: Avoid unnecessary copy of dex_gc_map.
  • Tons of device specific upstream and fixes
  • Tons of kernel ehancements.
  • Gapps update (more google camera compatibility fixes, new YouTube)