Core team

Picture Name Alias From Role
Josue Rivera Josue Rivera prbassplayer Puerto Rico Development Coordinator
Manfred Hofbauer tortureduck Austria Administration, infrastructure, hosting, paying bills...
Cordell Cordell cordell12 USA Hlte maintainer
Lars Greiss Lars Greiss kufikugel Germany Main Developer
Nicholas Flintham Nicholas Flintham Flinny UK HTC One family maintainer
Griffin Millender Griffin Millender gmillz USA Developer
Per Lycke Per Lycke pemell & PerLycke Sweden Social media general manager
Nick Lovell Nick Lovell nicklovell23 USA Release manager, Jflte and i925 maintainer
Ahmed Nabeel Ahmed Nabeel AhmedNabeelM Egypt Leads the support - General Manager
Kit Tihonovich Kit Tihonovich Jubakuba USA Feature developer
Tylog Tylog Tylog Germany XDA maintainer
Nexus 5
Nexus 6
Daniel Koman Daniel Koman dankoman USA Gapps, TRDS and general theme features
Karan Srivastava rebelos India development support and testing

Device maintainers and contributors

Picture Name Alias From Role
Sergey Karsakov Sergey Karsakov  gwindlord Belarus Russian support and translations
Andrew Cardinal Andrew Cardinal arcardinal USA Geeb and G2 family Maintainer
Susanne Schlensog Susanne Schlensog SushiR Germany Forum Moderator, graphic creater, support
Xiao-Long Chen Xiao-Long Chen chenxiaolong USA Feature Developer
Rawad Zahreddine Rawad Zahreddine rirozizo Lebanon IRC Support and general Support
Andreas Bläsius Andreas Bläsius android-andi Germany Galaxy Tab 2 Family Maintainer
Dan Cartier Dan Cartier nospamdan USA Skyrocket and Hercules maintainer
Bryne Gunde Bryne Gunde BlaqueDroid South Africa DM for I9500
Stuart Waller Stuart Waller KnightWolf Canada Forum Moderator
Perseus71 Perseus71 Perseus71 USA DM for D2lte
Arun Manohar Arun Manohar a2441918 India DM for I9500
Omar Einea Omar Einea OmarEinea USA Amami, Honami and Togari maintainer
Kenny G Kenny G xceed UK Documentation
Olivier Olivier Olivier Austria Xperia L maintainer
Dimitris Mantzouranis dexter93 Greece DM for n7100, grouper, tilapia and pyramid
Olivier Tej Karani tejkkarani India DM for Galaxy Note 8“ (kona family)
Olivier Shawn Teoh ryuinferno Australia DM for i9100g
Robbie Lancaster Robbie Lancaster RobbieL811 USA flo and deb maintainer
Robbie Lancaster Cristian Giordano steel89 Italy Graphics

FAQ and more



  • Here you might find answers to your questions. If not then visit our forum or G+ community


  • Provides a full explanation of SlimRoms settings and other useful information, for a quick overview check our feature tree.


Slim Roms is a custom operating system built from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with some interesting features of Cyanogen Mod, AOKP, CNA and some of our own. Slim Roms development is headed by Josue Rivera and has grown to support many devices and have various device maintainers. Our supported devices have a XDA thread for development purpose.

Key features:

  • Easy to customize features Advanced Slim Settings
  • Slimmest base OS, yet fully operational
  • Addon features such as Google Now, Face unlock among others

Please remember to make sure your device is supported, read the development threads, FAQ and bug pages before posting on the threads.